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The way to book for themselves and provide accommodation for the upcoming season is to contact us. In his message, specify the desired date and the number of people who would like to book accommodation,  we will issue a bid for accommodation.

Once you agree on my offer usually have 3 working days in advance of payment 100 EUR. When payment is registered send you a booking confirmation and your reservation can be considered confirmed. Eye 3 working days is required for registration payment.

Advance booking is 100 EUR or kuna equivalent to the middle rate on the date of payment.

The number of people who will be staying in the apartment must not be greater than that specified in my reservation confirmation apartments. Entrance to the apartment is from 2 pm on the day of your arrival. Vacation leave must do 9 in the morning on the day of your departure. Pets are not allowed.

Accounts for the advanced payment:


Here account – for payment within the Croatian kuna,

Nedjeljko Bakija OTP banka dd.

foreign currency bank account 2407000-1024070003

model also enjoys rails 05 804045-3201070723


EUR account – EUR for payments outside the Croatian,

Bank Name: OTP banka d.d.

Bank Address: Patriotic War 3, 23 000 Zadar, Croatia


IBAN: HR 9424070003201070723

Account Number, own account: 3201070723 Nedjeljko Bakija